Build powerful applications in the cloud

Build communication systems using state-of-the-art voice technology without investing in complex infrastructure, enabling call reception from PSTN and mobile networks.

Your voice to stay local, globally

Compatel Voice is a carefully-crafted solution aimed to maximise your ability to communicate – stay in touch with thousands of clients globally, over a locally relevant channel. We can help you build high-end communication systems using legacy and state of the art voice technology with voice call reception from PSTN and mobile networks.

Scalable telephony

By partnering with us, you get all-in-one scalable phone system without major investments in software or hardware.

Our non-geographic numbers (long codes), also known as Direct Inward Dialling, enable companies to quickly receive any voice call.

Trusted communication is done over secure Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) resulting in simple implementation, stability and flexibility.

Compatel guarantees connection to any number (fixed, mobile or VoIP) with superior quality over voice technology.

Incoming voice calls to DID numbers are converted to VoIP and delivered to the client’s SIP device or app creating a simple, effective communications flow.

Helping you grow every step of the way

Let us handle the procurement of both local and international numbers for you while you virtualise core mobile communications and eliminate the need for SIM card usage. Benefit from expanding global connectivity by using Compatel non-geographic numbers for professional, cost-effective communication with your users – anywhere in the world.

Compatel Text2Speech

Use a simple, automated way to call a large number of people and deliver a pre-recorded, or a text-converted voice message to any fixed and mobile phone in the world. Our solution gives you the ability to record user’s voice or dial pad responses.

Reach your target audience in no time, don’t wait for free phone lines. Localised voice does the trick with personalised consumer interaction. Use a trusted voice to communicate your messages in over 15 languages and use our API to upgrade existing apps and platforms.


High ratio of concurrent calls per second

Automated Text2Speech Voice option

Flexible SIP interface for seamless integration

Fully-supported inbound / outbound voice services

Guaranteed Caller ID

Comprehensive selection of supported codecs

Fully-enabled number portability check

Scalable number pricing and renting options

How you can benefit from Compatel Voice


Enable voice reachability over PSTN and mobile networks.

Call centers

Assign local numbers for your call centre, with local rates.

Mobile App developers

Integrate voice communication into existing and new apps.

VoIP providers

Offer local numbers to your clients.

Expand communications with high-end voice capability