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Our business is growing your business through high-end cloud communication services.

Compatel Voice

Build high-end communication systems using state-of-the-art voice technology without investing in complex infrastructure, enabling call reception from PSTN and mobile networks.

Compatel Messaging

Send, receive SMS on a global scale or open new communications channels with USSD. Craft intelligent messaging systems over shortcodes, affordable local and international numbers.

Compatel Numbers

Get dedicated numbers and offer local rates anywhere in the world, concentrate on reaching your audience to stay local, globally. Enable Voice and SMS services over one number.

Connect to any destination in the world

Compatel’s extensive local and international networks are the basis of our high-quality services. Whether you require straightforward IP connectivity or telco-grade connection quality, we seamlessly integrate with existing technology and speed up your time to market. Together with our trusted operator partners, our geo-redundant international signalling network offers you a gateway to any global destination.

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