Carrier grade solutions

Compatel Messaging provides complete cloud messaging capability, enabling you to reach clients anywhere in the world with the most trusted communication channel.

Set up local and international numbers in minutes

Compatel provides local and international numbers for your business, giving you phone call and SMS message functionally across the globe. With us, you can quickly acquire any number of local, international Voice and SMS numbers offering powerful communication features.

Reducing your time to market

Competitive renting prices expand our complete service portfolio to provide the best numbering plan out there.

Our long-standing partnerships with local operators mean that all legal and commercial and regulatory negotiations for number provisioning are done from our side, allowing you to focus on service commercialisation and rollout.

We’re boosting your cloud communications with:

DID Numbers

Secure channel for any app that requires inbound and outbound speech capability.

Local Numbers

Local numbers in any country with Compatel operations and stable interconnections with carriers.

Mobile numbers

Unified communication (Voice and Text) over one local or international number.

Short Codes

USSD short code provisioning.

Set up dedicated local numbers in minutes