Carrier grade solutions

Compatel Messaging provides complete cloud messaging capability, enabling you to reach clients anywhere in the world with the most trusted communication channel.

Plug into a fully-functional SMS platform

Utilise the world’s most popular mobile communication channel by getting the complete SMS capability from the cloud. Compatel’s scalable SMS services with vast-volume capacity and high delivery rates to anywhere in the world, making us the provider of choice for your messaging traffic.

Cloud connectivity
with seamless integration

SMS (MT) along with Compatel connectivity to global mobile operators gives you the possibility to securely send information to your consumers, suppliers or partners in real time, with low costs for your business.

With enterprise-grade communication functions and seamless integration through FTP, API, email and other interfaces, we allow you to connect to the Compatel cloud however you choose.

Allowing you to focus on what matters

Our long-term partnerships with local operators mean that all legal and commercial negotiations regarding secure VPN layouts and number procurement are done from our side, allowing you to focus on services commercialisation.


High throughput, enabling large SMS volumes

Detailed delivery reports for each message sent

Flexible SMPP/HTTP interfaces for easy integration

Service quality guaranteed by global SS7 connectivity

Fully supported unicode characters

Dedicated, educated support staff on hand

Compatel SMS

Send scalable SMS volumes with a wide range of applications.

Notify your consumers

Send relevant user content, quickly and reliably, over the world’s most trusted communications channel.

Broadcast your content

Broadcast crucial SMS alerts to a wide range of users over a reliable provider.

Increase platform security

Use SMS to verify your users and increase global service security for your app.

Compatel 2way

Send and receive SMS on a global scale.

Gain priceless feedback

Build user communication and gain instant feedback.

Build brand awareness

Gain immediate brand recognition with instant responses.

Increase customer satisfaction

With 2Way, user opinion instantly matters.

Craft intelligent messaging systems with ease