Building communications in the cloud

Power your business with voice and messaging infrastructure

About us

Compatel is a next-gen MVNO network offering innovative solutions and carrier-grade capability for cloud telephony. Our mission is to broaden existing operator service portfolios, connecting innovative companies with their global consumer base through locally-relevant telco products and trusted operator relations.

Trusted messaging flow

Our platform establishes a high capacity SMPP/HTTP connection so all your messages reach their targeted destination, regardless of volume.

Messages are processed with an option to generate replies over the same connection (SMS MO). This secure type of connection ensures that SMS messages arrive to their destinations, without third party involvement. To ensure full traffic transparency, all inbound messages can be reviewed and you get delivery reports for messages sent through our platform.

Supporting every
aspect of your business

Craft intelligent messaging systems over affordable local and international numbers.

Save time and money by using the same Compatel number to conduct your SMS messaging and Voice traffic. With strong local operator ties, Compatel ensures quality messaging and worldwide delivery are just a click away.

Opening up new revenue streams

Our job is helping your company build a vast cloud telecom infrastructure in minutes, without massive hardware and deployment costs.

By constantly securing new routes/connections, we’re opening up the mobile ecosystem to potential game changers and securing a foothold in the telecoms industry for those looking for new communication channels towards their consumers.

We’re challenging the idea of traditional telecom services, transforming it into a disruptive approach for OTTs, PBX providers, established enterprises and startup companies who can now use the power of traditional telephony with their own business ideas.

Building your cloud infrastructure

Service quality guaranteed by telco-grade SS7 connections and infrastructure with quick integration means you’re in the right hands and international connectivity via traditional telecom and IP-based technologies helps your business become local, globally.

Compatel’s strong, stable partnerships with operators result in dedicated local Voice and SMS numbers for your company, making it relevant where it matters.

We’re reducing the time to market for your products, handling number procurement and conducting operator negotiations on your behalf to ensure you get the complete package needed to compete.

Power your business with voice and messaging infrastructure