Carrier grade solution

Compatel Messaging provides complete cloud messaging capability, enabling you to reach clients anywhere in the world with the most trusted communication channel.

Gain user feedback in less than 3 seconds

Build client communications with real-time USSD capability and quickly obtain short code eligibility, straight from the cloud. Less than 3 seconds is all it takes for you to establish a two-way channel to your user.

Interactive menu-based communication

Accessible on any type of handset, Compatel USSD allows instant communication between subscribers and back-end apps. Wide adoption and global trust in USSD security makes it a unique choice for powerful interaction with any user base.

USSD utilises GSM mobile infrastructure, meaning no internet dependency and the ability to reach any user in lucrative developing markets.
Higher levels of security obtained by abandoning the traditional store-and-forward function, makes it ideal for sensitive-data communications.


Short code acquisition and registration

State of the art API

Real-time USSD

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